The Southern Middle Tennessee Youth Football Association was started in 2009 with the intent of having a common rulebook and schedule for small communities that can only field one or two teams per age group.

The SMTYFA plays as close to high school rules as possible with a few rules in place for safety. Our playing age is 5-12 years old broken into three divisions: DI (5-7), DII (8&9) and DIII (10-12). We also use a common referee service that coordinates the referees for all games at all playing sites.

If any community would like to inquire about becoming a member in the Southern Middle Tennessee Youth Football Association, please contact the Chairman here and they will explain the process and they will be glad to answer any questions that you may have concerning membership.

Our Mission Statement

The Southern Middle Tennessee Youth Football Association was established to ensure and provide every child the opportunity to participate in organized football and cheer regardless of race, creed, national origin, prior experience, athletic ability or size. We desire to provide all of the youth in our respective communities an organized, safe and supervised environment where the goal is to keep the game free from pressure to win at all cost. This Association also believes in and strives to maintain the highest level of competition and coaching possible for the betterment of our youth thereby ensuring their readiness for football at the next competitive level.

As an Association, we believe the following values are imperative for each participant so that they may become contributing and active members of our community: Sportsmanship, Honesty, Loyalty, Courage, Scholarship, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Teamwork and Physical Fitness. We will also strive to challenge our youth to embrace competition and fully appreciate the joys of victory while at the same time to learn and grow from their defeats. These goals will be accomplished and realized through the dedicated effort of our volunteers, parents and community members who desire to support the youth of our area in organized football and cheer.

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